Most real estate agents in our market will be happy to help you buy a property and they will call themselves a “buyer’s agent”. Even though legally they are usually either an undisclosed dual agent or a designated buyer’s agent.

Setting aside the technical language that we usually see is the same “sales” focus these companies have always had. And that includes the typical home inspection discussion.

Often these real estate agents will tell a buyer an inspection isn’t needed on a condominium or they will give the buyer a few names of some “quick and easy” home inspectors.

Often those inspectors won’t inspect the attic of condominiums because the attic is normally the responsibility of the condo association, not the individual buyer.

However, in our experience, it is always good for the buyer to have the inspector go up into the condo attic.

This video illustrates the point. Some insulation was removed from an area, probably when the home was built, and that not only wastes energy, it also would make that area of the room colder.

We negotiated to have the seller have this corrected and most home buyers would have never known because they wouldn’t have had that area of the home inspected.


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