Saline MI Buyer Agent

We help home buyers looking in the Saline Michigan area. (Part of Washtenaw County)

Saline’s most experienced Buyer’s Agents

We have helped many home buyers in the Saline Michigan area purchase over the years we’ve been in business.
In fact we are the top exclusive buyer agent working in the Saline community. (Based on both total transactions and total dollars saved.)
We’ve helped buyers purchase on streets you may recognize, like Burmeister, Country Creek, Pleasant Ridge, Woodcreek, Cody Circle, Wildwood Trail, Saline River, Old Creek, Watson, Hawthorn, Nichols, and Berk.
We always work for your best interests, unlike traditional real estate companies where you are never sure exactly where their loyalties lie.
Call our office today at 734-662-6240 or sent us a note. We would be happy to answer your questions about home buying, and then help you buy a great home!

“What are the advantages for me of using a company like this when I want to buy a home?”

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“Everybody says use a buyer’s agent, but what kind of buyer’s agents are there and what kind is the best for me?”

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Once we’ve negotiated a purchase contract we work hard to save you money on loans, inspections, repairs, and closing costs. You get the benefit of our complete buyer focus and our tremendous national leverage!