This is pretty impressive, especially considering what tuition is now at our U of Michigan.

Money bases this result on looking at three components of a college’s value:

1. Affordability – Michigan is for in-state students is priced less than about 600 other colleges.
2. Quality – The graduation rate is about 93% which pegs it at one of the highest in the U.S.
3. Student Outcomes – Salaries for graduates are much higher than average and a very high percentage of graduates are successful at getting hired right out of school.

The benefit of the location is great also. Ann Arbor is a fun town where there is always something to do, without being a monster metropolis where it takes hours to get from one side of town to the other.

Speaking as a University of Michigan graduate myself and looking back at my life since graduation, I found the education experience top rate and the engineering school – future employer systems very helpful in being exposed to many different job opportunities all across the country.

So congratulations to the University of Michigan!

(Naturally, we are happy to help people relocating to work or study at the University purchase homes to live in while they are here!)

Money Magazine Top Rated College: University of Michigan