This is a Northside home where the water had backed up and flooded the laundry room area. The water seemed to be clean and not sewer water. The seller called a local plumbing company and the plumber who arrived looked very young to me.

He looked at the flood around the floor drain and asked if I had a plunger. I told him I didn’t live there but that I hadn’t seen one at the home. (The home was vacant.) I thought he must be crazy but I was smart enough to not say anything. He went to his truck and brought back a simple toilet plunger.

He spent about 15 seconds plunging the drain and the water started rushing out. Then he pointed out for me that the drain includes a pipe that comes from the perimeter drain tiles. So since the drain was plugged the drain tiles couldn’t drain, causing the water to back up.

He recognized this type of drain/sump crock because it was 8″ in diameter and was very popular in this age of the home. (1950’s) This shows the water from the drain tiles flowing into the drain, then flowing out since the plug was removed.