In the business of helping home buyers, I am often working on Sunday afternoon. When I don’t have appointments though, I like to take a Sunday afternoon nap in front of the woodburning fireplace.

Yesterday my life took me in a different direction. You see we live in a ~40-year-old home that has a drain line that gets really slow about every five years. It is a drain line for the dishwasher and the laundry, so I’m thinking it is probably laundry lint and maybe ground food that collects in some low spot.

Unfortunately, the “low spot” is under our basement floor. So the solution is to auger it out every couple of years. And yesterday it was time.

Previously I was able to clear the run with a 25-foot drill mounted auger. But this time I sent that thing all the way out and the drain was still sloooow.

So off to Lowe’s to get a 50-foot model.

Eventually, we got the thing to drain fairly well. But, the reason this is interesting to home buyers is this:

Most real estate agents that claim to be “buyer agents” don’t want to actually tell buyers anything about the houses themselves. Like, disadvantages and advantages of living on a city sewer system vs. a well and septic system in the country. Like disadvantages and advantages of a hot water heat system vs a gas forced air.

There were a bunch of discussions on this forum about this very topic.

Judging from that thread it would seem that the majority of the regular real estate agents are afraid to say anything bad about a house!

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Jon Boyd
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