In this first video, we see a mostly finished bathroom in a high-end home after the painting contractors have just finished. Unfortunately, the quality of the painting work is sub-standard.

 I don’t think the builder was going to be upset about this as the paint issues aren’t always visible depending on the time of day and the lighting at the time.

At home inspections it is prudent to take a high powered flashlight and shine it parallel to the wall. (A thorough home inspector will typically do this at some point, but normally won’t go through the whole house like this.) The beam of light from the parallel flashlight makes drywall and paint defects show up that might not be visible with the normal lighting in the home during a builder’s walk-through.

After bringing the problems to the builder’s attention and making our concerns clear, the builder sent a different painter and the results were dramatically different. Here is the “corrected” version: