I just was on a webinar hosted by the Green Home Institute where their guest was Panasonic engineer Vikki Kumar. She gave a presentation on home energy storage.

He have helped a lot of home buyers purchase in Farmington Hills and Panasonic has their automotive division there. I’m not sure where they have their energy storage division, but here is a link to their product page: https://na.panasonic.com/us/energy-solutions/ebook

Note that the picture of the old Radio Shack battery is a joke, 50 years ago if you were talking about home batteries that would have been what came to mind.

The Panasonic energy storage product is called the EverVolt system. The EverVolt system is still relatively expensive, but there have been significant technological improvements since I installed our home battery energy storage system back in 2011.

The presentation included an analogy that Vikki uses for helping people without an engineering or physics background understand power and energy storage ratings. She uses a bathtub as a comparison to a home battery. The power is the rate at which water flows into or out of the tub. The energy is the amount of water in the tub. The amount of energy storage is like the size of the tube.
You can find a video of the presentation on the Green Home Institute’s youtube page here: https://www.youtube.com/c/GreenHomeInstitute