Our Govenor had proclamed that January is Radon awareness Month.

So who are we to question that?

Now, we’ve actually been painfully aware of radon for about 31 years because we help home buyers find and evaluate homes. As part of that process we’ve been having radon tests done for over thirty years for our home buyers.

I remember one of the first homes we tested that had a high radon level. It was a very nice home on Ann Arbor’s west side. The sellers were moving out because the husband had died of lung cancer. Those homeowners had not heard of radon and had their home sealed well because they didn’t want to deal with dust from the dirt road where the home was located.

The the radon contribute to the husband’s health issue? We’ll never know for sure, but, it sure encouraged us to take radon seriously!

Here is a video about some test devices:

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