We’ve gotten a little particular about inspectors after being involved in thousands of home inspections.

We typically discuss inspectors with you and generally have some recommendations, but you, the buyer, still choose the inspector.

Interestingly, some of the worst inspectors we’ve seen were personal friends or relatives of the home buyers.

In one case, the relative showed up to the inspection with a yellow legal pad and a flashlight. He knew carpentry, but that is a small part of what should be checked at a home inspection. And he was ill-equipped for the job.

In another case, the buyer’s friend insisted he would do the whole inspection without the buyer and, upon completion, present the buyer with his written report. That saved the inspector some time, but it was not nearly as useful as having the buyer watching and asking questions as the inspection was done.

Discussing inspectors is at least a twenty-minute conversation, and the right choice will depend on the house, your needs, and the purchase contract.

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