Are you about to make a move to Michigan?

Here is another good reason: Few natural disasters!

My wife is a weather junkie. I remember a while ago; she dug into areas with the fewest bad storms. Michigan was one of the best areas.

Then she looked into earthquakes. Not a lot of those in this area either.

She expanded into volcanos, blizzards, ice storms, floods, landslides, then even forest fires.

It turns out Michigan is the safest! (Not that we don’t have any issues, but this article says we are Number 1 safest state!)

If you think that isn’t important, ponder this: In 2021, a full 10% of homes were impacted by natural disasters, according to this article from real estate website

A full discussion is available here:

The report blames “man-made climate change.” But a lot of scientists are skeptical. Climate change and disasters were happening long before humans roamed the earth.

Here is a link to the other side of the argument.

Whatever views you believe on what causes natural disasters, hopefully, we can all agree that Michigan is a great place to live!