In this video, our agent Laura Degiovanni discusses a common problem we see on new construction where a builder takes a shortcut that gets past the municipal inspector. It typically doesn’t become a problem until long after the builder is gone, but by saving on $10 worth of materials and a half-hour of labor it can cause a problem that can take hundreds of dollars to fix. That problem is unpainted or improperly painted lintels. The steel leaves the factory with a dark red primer. But the building code calls for steel to have a coat of actual paint, not primer when the home is finished and delivered to the buyer. Fortunately, with the help of various private home inspectors, we’ve been able to get builders to do the right thing and properly paint the lintels. Laura has helped many buyers with the new construction and custom build process. Call us if you would like 100% loyal help with your home buying adventures at 734-662-6240.