Congratulations to one of our friends in the Boston market. BuyersBrokersOnly is an exclusive buyers brokerage like our office but they have a different twist. Each of their agents is also an attorney. Their guy Femion Mezini just had a great year helping more than 20 buyers and garnering some great reviews. Here is a press release on him and his team:

However, I would take issue with saying Femion is the top buyer agent in the country. In our part of the industry the “top buyer agent” might be top because of documented savings, but not just because of volume. The volume metric tends to promote higher prices which are normally not in a buyer’s best interests.

I know the broker/manager of the office Rich Rosa personally and if he feels Femion is his top guy then I’ll certainly go along with his conclusion. Rich is very credible and knowledgeable about buyer agency. However, it is important to be a bit cautious when we start to use labels from the world of traditional real estate, like the term “top producer”.

But again, congratulations Femion Meziniand Michael Lord!