It is funny what you learn and when you learn it in the real estate business. As an exclusive buyer agent, I’ve been in thousands of homes with new or updated windows. In fact, window discussions are very common for us because it does have a significant impact on the quality of living in a home. I know a lot about windows. But I learned a bit more today.

As it turns out my wife and I are looking at doing some remodeling and we met a window contractor at our house today. I’ve worked with a lot of contractors over the years and probably met with a dozen or so just in the last month for one thing or another.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Connie Moore of Wallside Windows. Wallside was referred to us by one of my past home buyer clients who had them do some work ten years ago.

Now understand that these are not luxury windows. I love the Pella product with the built-in blinds. I like a lot of the premium windows that I see when I show homes. These are not premium windows. Wallside focuses on vinyl replacement windows. These are basic, energy-efficient, windows which are guaranteed for 35 years. (And the company is actually old enough that the guarantee means something.)

In any case, Connie was on time, very professional, very knowledgeable about her product and how her people would install the product. The basic pricing was a little funny. (It sounds like they always sell them at 50% off.) But the net result is that we learned a lot and we may very well use some of the Wallside Window products.

One of the benefits of using Wallside is that the company covers both the window and the installation. Using a carpenter to frame and install the window with a regular window company leaves you with two distinctly different guarantees.

So, an interesting experience. If you are considering replacement windows I think it would be worthwhile speaking to Connie. The Wallside number is 800-521-7800.

If we end up choosing them I’ll report on the experience.

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