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What is wrong with this picture? Why have an inspection?

So often we talk with real estate agents who question the choice of inspectors or question the reasons for even having an inspection.

As the company that represents buyers in our area I am not surprised. But sometimes I see an issue so obvious I think that anyone in the business should be able to identify it.

Here is one such photo:


Unless you are in your first year in this business you should really see one obvious and one more subtle defect with this installation.

And, we rely on home inspectors to find and document these types of concerns and since both of them are safety related, they may be worth discussing with a home seller for a credit or repair by a licensed contractor.

If you are a buyer considering who to use as a buyer’s agent or a designated buyer’s agent, you may want to make sure those you are considering have enough knowledge of homes to discuss topics like this with you.

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News on Solar’s impact on value from the Appraisal Institute

As a local expert on solar homes I was pleased to see the Appraisal Institute announced their conclusion on the topic of solar’s impact on property valuation:

Solar Electric Systems Positively Impact Home Values

To determine the actual number for the value impact is not an easy task. And, it has very little connection with what the homeowner paid for the solar system, just like anything unique thing a home owner does to their home.

But at least appraisers now have a tool to use to get a handle on the impact of a solar system on a home’s value.

The Appraisal Institute worked with scientists at Sandia Laboratories to pin down some data that an appraiser can collect from the homeowner or the installer of a system. Inserting these numbers in to an online spreadsheet can pop out a dollar amount that the system might contribute to the home’s value.

The tool is usable for both photovoltaic (PV) solar, (Which generates electrical power) and solar thermal water heating, which is typically used for domestic hot water, but can be used for domestic space heating in extreme installations.

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