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The Inspiring Story of Augie Nieto, a Man Who Shares His Gifts

One of the business consultants I get news from has shared this with me. I find it interesting and inspirational.

So, I’m going to share it with you!

Here is a link to a Today Show video about this unusual entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy it and share it:


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A new mounting option for dish antennas

I was visiting a friends home this weekend and he showed me what the dish service people did for his mounting. He lives in a area where roof mounting isn’t practical, and wall mounting won’t work because of the type of construction of his home. So the alternative was a ground mount. The dish contractor brought the steel frame and the cinder blocks to keep is secure.



Hey Professionals! How About Intelligent File Names For Scanned Documents?

Hey Real Estate Professionals –

How about we all start to use some intelligent, useful, time-saving file names for all the scanned documents we are passing back and forth these days?

Here is the problem:

Every day I receive documents from lenders, title companies and other agents/brokers that are labeled things like “scan.pdf”, “document.pdf”, or “QTEhome.pdf”, or “FAX34234.pdf. None of which help me know what the document is.

Here is a recommendation:

If you start the file name with the eight digit date code it will self-sort in your “downloads” file or where ever it ends up on your computer. And the date is very helpful in locating information on transactions some point in the future.

If you then add either the name of the street the property is on or the name of the consumer, it will be much easier to recognize what transaction it is related to. I normally try to add both.

Finally, if you include one or two words that would uniquely identify it by purpose that becomes very helpful also.

Here is an example: