This is going to be a milestone year for a technology that can add useful information during a home inspection.Thermal imaging is not new. My father worked with airplane mounted thermal imaging systems when he was in the aerospace industry back in the 1960’s. (And they cost over $100,000.) I used them for analysis of circuit design in the 1980’s when I was an electrical engineer. (And they cost over $10,000.) This year they will be available for under $400. All they need is to attach to your smartphone. FLIR, a company that has a large market share for the current thermal imaging cameras, is introducing their FLIR ONE. It attaches to a smart phone and will give users a new way to look at the world.

Here is a like to more information:

FLIR (1)

The concern is that reading and interpreting thermal images is not a task for amateurs. I participate on a number of home inspector type forums and there is constant debate about the use of thermal imaging in residential inspections and problems with liability and mis-interpretation. I personally had an energy audit done this last year and the auditor used a thermal imaging camera and even he wasn’t always sure what he was seeing.

This could get interesting!

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